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TDC Liquid Limestone Perth

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TDC Liquid limestone products provide the look of a natural stone hand crafted with a crisp cool style and appeal of a great Australian stone.

By providing a number of colours and finishes, TDC liquid limestone is the perfect concept for your driveway, patio, pathway, alfresco and pool surrounds. TDC liquid limestone looks and feels great while easily matching into existing surroundings.

Using liquid limestone is great cost effective way to decorate your selected areas. It not only looks great but it also adds more value to your home.

Below is a testimonial from one of our customers who went with our professional installations.

Liquid Limestone FAQ:

The following are answers to some of the most commonly asked questions we get asked.

What is liquid limestone?

Liquid limestone is a substance like rock that is commonly used in the construction industry. This material is crushed, mixed and then poured on-site with additional distinct textures and designs. Liquid limestone is ideal for outdoor living areas as it is both cost effective and practical.

What are the benefits of using liquid limestone?

Liquid limestone has numerous benefits, many of which have already been described. Compared to conventional concrete or brick paving options, liquid limestone is a natural and elegant alternative. It also does not absorb as much heat and remains cool even during the summer.

Liquid limestone is ideal for residential driveways as it does not warp, sink or have gaps for weeds to grow. It is also incredibly versatile and is available in a range of colours to suit your home. The clean and modern look is just another advantage of opting for liquid limestone.

What happens when I call?

A TDC representative will discuss your needs and arrange a time for a measure and quotation for your special area. We are always available by phone to answer any additional questions or concerns you have.

After I have accepted the quotation how long will it take?

From the time of acceptance, a deposit is required to secure your day to have your TDC liquid limestone poured. Your booking is then placed to commence within 5 to 10 working days unless you have specified a later booking time.

Any required prep work including but not limited to removal of brick pavers excess sand old concrete will be taken care of in the days leading up to the pour of your TDC liquid limestone this will be taken care of by our

TDC prefered Bobcat services or if you prefer you can remove yourself.

Very high quality liquid limestone fills a swimming pool floor in Perth by Think Decorative Concrete

On the day do I need to do anything?

On the day of your TDC liquid limestone being poured our professional TDC concretors will arrive early to prepare any soak wells and drains and get the form work ready (form work is where your concrete will be pored into) Galvanized mesh will be installed in place if required ( this will be explained in your quotation)

Your TDC liquid limestone will then arrive and be wheelbarrowed or pumped if required for long distances from the limestone truck. The surface is then flattened (screeded) to a required fall for water to drain into drains and gardens. Then it is floated to compact and smooth the surface.

Your finish is then hand crafted into the wet limestone creating a non slip surface.

TDC’s durable concrete limestone floor in Perth

What happens next?

The following day a TDC sealing applicator will cut your control joints (these are areas specifically designed to control cracking of your newly installed liquid limestone). Your chosen pattern will be cut in the same day.

TDC liquid limestone is then pressured washed and sealed with a TDC premium sealer. This is included as part of our quotation and quality control as we pride ourselves on quality work. As limestone is a natural stone and extremely porous, it tends to stain very easy. Sealing will keep your limestone looking great for years to come.

When can I walk or drive on my new liquid limestone?

Once your TDC liquid limestone has been sealed you may walk on the limestone within 24 hours. However, the limestone will not be able to be driven on for at least 7 days. This will give a sustainable amount of time for your limestone to  cure which typically takes about 28 days.

Liquid limestone is very durable and strong, by TDC productions

The TDC Guarantee

TDC provides a guarantee with all our liquid limestone. That guarantee is that our workmanship is second to none in the industry. TDC guarantees to be on time every time. The only exception is if the weather is over 35 degrees or it is raining in which case your installation will be moved to the next day within TDC’s correct weather conditions.

Best quality floor at your home with our limestone in brown colour


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