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Exposed & Honed Aggregate in Perth

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TDC offers a fantastic selection of what has to be the most talked about concrete solution in Perth. Decorative exposed and honed aggregate concrete adds value to any structure without spending so much.

TDC Exposed is an elegant look for your concrete patio, pathways, pool surrounds, and driveways. Depending on your choice of coloured rock, you can make any area look classical or contemporary. Our honed & exposed aggregate concretes are also highly functional. Other than for decorative purposes, you can use them as a non-slip surface.

TDC Exposed can be combined with a selection from the TDC Coloured range to create a truly unique finish of texture and colour. They can easily match any exterior, especially because they are elegant and nice to look at. Whatever architectural style, theme, or motif you have in mind, our exposed aggregate can definitely help you achieve it.

This method of laying concrete is more affordable than you may think. They are also more flexible, as they provide you with limitless area size, different types of aggregates, and a range of other styling techniques. You can combine different methods and materials, and come up with distinct designs for your structure.

What Exactly is Exposed & Honed Aggregate Concrete?

Exposed aggregate concrete has a rugged and coarse texture, which is what gives it a unique look and feel. This is produced by allowing stones and other materials to be visible on the top layer of concrete. There are various techniques for delivering exposed aggregate concrete, which allows for an endless number of options. Take a look at the images below to see the wide range of styles.

One of the most popular methods starts by laying concrete in the usual manner by staking form boards into the correct postions, pouring the concrete mixture over the foundations and spreading it evenly.

A retarder is the placed over the top of the exposed aggregate this stops the surface from going hard.

After the concrete has been setting for about three or four hours depending on weather conditions, the aggregate is then washed off to expose the rock. Honed Concrete differs and offers the option of being smooth underfoot. After laying the concrete mix, we leave the concrete to set for a period of time before returning with grinding machines, to remove the top layer of concrete and expose the decorative stone aggregate within the mix. We do the grinding and honing ourselves so it’s exactly to our high standards.

Aggregate & honed exposed concrete creates a beautiful and durable surface that is great for high traffic areas such as plazas, alfrescos, sidewalks, driveways and more. Another benefit is that it creates a surface that minimizes skidding, even when it is wet. This makes pool areas, patios and pathways much safer for anyone to walk on.

Aggregate & honed exposed concrete can even be applied to walls, facades and other vertical structures. This shows the usefulness and versatility of this method. If you are interested in learning more about aggregate and honed exposed concrete, contact one of our friendly representatives today. We can even provide you with a free quote.

How to Choose the Right Type of Exposed and Honed Aggregate

If you are interested in having exposed or honed aggregate concrete on your property, it can be difficult to choose among the nearly unlimited options. Feel free to give us a call if you need help deciding which option is right for you. Here are some of the main things to consider:

Colour: The finished colour depends on both the colour of the concrete and the material or gravel used to form the surface. The right combination depends on your personal tastes, as well as the colour of your house, garden and landscape. We can accommodate colour combinations that create a uniform look by mixing and matching the concrete colour with that of the aggregate or honed concrete.

Size, Shape and Gradation: Aggregates come in a 7mm rock and 10mm rock, Our representatives can explain all this when visiting you property for your official quotation.

Cost: Another consideration is the overall costs because some materials are more expensive to use than others. We have a wide range of surface materials and financing options, which allows us to easily accommodate most budgets.


Large Selections for Exposed and Honed Aggregate and Concrete Patterns.


• Acacia Exposed and Honed Aggregate Concrete

Acacia Ex final

•Banksia Exposed and Honed Aggregate Concrete

Banksia Exp

• Black She Oak Exposed and Honed Aggregate Concrete

Black Sheoak Exp

•Blackbutt Exposed and Honed Aggregate Concrete

Blackbutt Exp

•Bluegum Exposed and Honed Aggregate Concrete

Bluegum Exp

•Boab Exposed and Honed Aggregate Concrete 7mm Rock

Boab Exp

•Bottle Brush Exposed and Honed Aggregate Concrete

Bottlebrush Exp

•Cypress Black Exposed and Honed Aggregate Concrete

Cypress Black Exp

• Eucalyptus Exposed and Honed Aggregate Concrete

Eucalyptus Ex Final

• Ghost Maple Exposed and Honed Aggregate Concrete


• Grevillea Exposed and Honed Aggregate Concrete


• Jacaranda Exposed and Honed Aggregate Concrete


• Jackwood Exposed and Honed Aggregate Concrete


• Jarrah Exposed and Honed Aggregate Concrete


• Kapok Exposed and Honed Aggregate Concrete


•Magnolia Exposed and Honed Aggregate Concrete


• Mallee Exposed and Honed Aggregate Concrete


• Myrtle Exposed and Honed Aggregate Concrete

Myrtle Exp

• Spinifex Exposed and Honed Aggregate Concrete


• Tingle Exposed and Honed Aggregate Concrete


• Tuart Exposed and Honed Aggregate Concrete

Tuart Exp

• Wandoo Exposed and Honed Aggregate Concrete

Wandoo Exp

• Waratah Exposed and Honed Aggregate Concrete


• Wattle Exposed and Honed Aggregate Concrete

Wattle Exp

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